[tlinux-users 00415] Re: Qosmio G5-03M + 8GB RAM + Mandriva 2009.1 = only 4GB RAM found?

Joe Zeff ahnknaton at zeff.us
Sat Sep 12 03:51:41 JST 2009

bestonnet wrote:
> --- On Sat, 9/12/09, Paul Wujek <pwujek at gabaedevelopment.com> wrote:
>> There don't seem to be any BIOS updates for this machine,
>> and I strongly suspect a BIOS problem because Memtest86+
>> cannot detect the additional RAM either.
> Memtest86+ is based on the Linux kernel so if it were a Linux problem it could still be affected (especially if the version you're using came with your distro and was thus configured similarly).

Go to http://www.memtest86.com/ and click on Free Download.  One of the 
downloads is for a bootable CD.  Take that one, burn the image and boot 
from the CD.  If there are any special tweaks needed to test all of your 
RAM, you can bet they've been done to the kernel on the CD.

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