[tlinux-users 00249] Re: Satellite L305D-S5874 - Success stories?

Chris Hermansen c.hermansen at telus.net
Thu Nov 27 14:45:13 JST 2008

Have you tried running a live CD from another distro?  For example, an 
Ubuntu live CD?

It's a lot faster than doing an install :-)

Micah Death wrote:
> Are there any success stories for this model?
> I've installed Slackware 12.1 a few times successfully (I had to disable
> some init scripts and recompile the kernel to make it work correct before i
> could actually boot the OS correctly.)
> I have not got ACPI working correctly. I can only get the power button event
> to be captured. The Lid, Ac adapter both are uncaught. Now, I have seen 2
> (two) distributions work 100% with ACPI and I can't identify why... I know
> it is in the kernel but i don't know what patches have been applied... doing
> a diff between the 'stock' kernel and the source that are in these
> distributions are rather large... Both of these distributions that work have
> an older kernel that doens't support half my hardware =/ (no wireless, no
> sound) and... I really like Slackware =D -- I'm willing to use another dist
> if I understand why ACPI works in it along with the rest of my hardware.
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