[tlinux-users 00261] Re: Trouble installing Redhat Linux 5.2

Rex Buddenberg buddenr21 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 4 11:40:21 JST 2008


I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but I've been having similar 
hangs with Fedora 10.  RHEL is, in terms of the installer probably about 
equivalent to Fedora 9.  Anaconda is the name of the executable install 
script and it has not changed much in the last few years.   Mostly 
cosmetics that don't have much to do with this problem. 
    Hmmm, does your Toshiba have  64bit CPUs?  That's the version of 
RHEL you're trying to install.  The splash screen with initial menu that 
you described would work for either 32 or 64 bit, but the kernel boot 
would have to be on the correct CPU.  This would be one plausible 
explanation...  (Just checked Toshiba's page; says you have two AMD CPUs 
but it doesn't say whether they're 32 or 64 bit.)
    The second thing to check is that you have a correct download.  A 
bad one is unlikely if you get identical results from both the CD and 
DVD versions.  But do the SHA checksums add up right?
    I've had a blank-screen hang at about the place you're describing 
with Fedora 10.  On one machine it hung twice and I didn't get 
persistent enough to track.  On another machine it hung once, but booted 
properly the second time around (and installed cleanly from DVD). 
    At the initial menu you describe there are a couple other options 
... rescue disk and network-install, if I remember right.  Did you try 
either of those? 

Did you try any other Linux distributions?  If you have 32 bit CPUs 
there are several appropriate to the test.  Personally like Puppy 
(version 4.1 is current).

David Stone wrote:
> Hello,
> I am attempting to install RedHat Linux ver 5.2 (rhel-5.2-server-x86_64-disc1.iso).  The laptop is a new Toshiba Satellite L305-S5911 currently running Vista.  When I boot from CD I get the initial Redhat screen, but when I select either "install in graphical mode" or "install in text mode" the screen that eventually shows up is filled with garbage characters.  I've burned multiple CDs and have tried booting from DVD as well, each time with the same results.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks! 
> David Stone
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