[tlinux-users 00144] Re: [Omnibook-devel] Toshiba X205 support for omnibook

Mathieu Bérard Mathieu.Berard at crans.org
Thu Aug 21 06:26:09 JST 2008

Azael Avalos a écrit :
> Its good to hear that development will continue, if you need testers
> and/or a helping
> hand, just let me know, my laptop and me are willing to help ;)
well thanks.
There are only two possible outcomes really:
- We manage to push a least parts of the module in upstream kernel.
- We don't and it will dye by bit rot.

In the process of preparing the module for inclusion it will have to be:
- updated to use new kernel infrastructures (sysfs, DMI based probing,
rfkill,  hwmon, ...)
- shrink, it's really bloated right now due to the "severals backends
abstraced away by frontends design"
- split, 1 module for totally different hardwares is a mistake
- old hardware models support should be dropped. Omnibook XE3 GF you
loose, really.


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